Ashton Goolsby

4th Grade

Nashville-native, Ashton Goolsby, is the oldest of six children. During elementary school, he attended Artios Academy where he was taught by TCA’s very own, Mrs. Moyer. There, he was first exposed to classical education. After Artios, he went on to be homeschooled, according to the classical method, through high school and then moved on to receive his BA from New College Franklin in Franklin, TN. Through the process of studying the liberal arts at New College, Ashton became even more aware of the importance of education and how it shapes the way a person makes sense of the world around them. Until recently, he has been a Manager of a Chick-Fil-A in Hermitage, TN, and has also been a Trainer at stores in Maryland, Kentucky, Georgia and Illinois. Ashton also enjoys a wide variety of music genre, ranging from the Beatles to Hank Williams. He has written some of his own music and plays several instruments from guitar to harmonica and mandolin. In his spare time, he is also an amateur clock maker and enjoys spending time reading about and repairing antique clocks.