Additional Ways to Support

As a non-profit organization, Trinitas Classical Academy generally fundraises around 20% of our annual budget, about $150,000 annually. We work hard to reach this goal with several fundraising opportunities for our families/community throughout the year, but we also welcome investments into our school from outside partners. Your gift to the school is tax-deductible, of course, and you can expect to receive the appropriate paperwork in the mail.

Other Ways to Give


Just add Trinitas Classical Academy to your Publix account as a Publix Partner School.  Enter your phone number at checkout, and you’re done!


You can easily link your Kroger Card to Trinitas Classical Academy’s rewards account. Enroll your card on the Kroger website and use our school’s ID: 80504 to find and select Veritas Ministries. Then, just scan your Kroger card at checkout.


Using “Give with Bing,” searches and some web activity earns points which are converted to dollars and given to the school.  Search for Veritas Ministries, Inc. at our school address in Franklin, TN, and use Bing as an easy way to support our school.

Spirit Nights

A few times during the year, Trinitas Classical Academy families gather at a local restaurant, and a percentage of our purchase total goes back to Trinitas Classical Academy. It’s a fun way to get together outside of school, fellowship, and give back to our community.