New Student Scholarships

We have over $600,000 in scholarships available for new Middle School and High School families entering Trinitas Classical Academy in 2024/2025.

To attract the best and the brightest to our high school program, Trinitas Classical Academy will be awarding academic liberal arts scholarships this year to newly enrolled students. Applicants can apply for a scholarship in either the field of Historical Excellence or Literary Excellence.

Trinitas is offering up to six scholarships per eligible grade level of either field on three different award levels — Augustinian, Shakesperean, and Chestertonian. All academic scholarships will require the following:

  • All academic scholarship recipients will be determined by the school’s Scholarship Committee.
  • All new incoming students in 7th through 12th Grades applying for enrollment at Trinitas are eligible to apply.
  • In addition to the usual admission process requirements for all applicants for academic scholarship will include a parent/guardian interview, a separate student interview (parents may be present at the parent’s discretion but not participate), (letter of reference), a written exam, and 3-5 page essay.
  • All requirements to apply for an academic scholarship must be completed by July 1st before the upcoming school year. Winners will be announced no later than July 15th. The Scholarship Committee will consider any exceptions based on extenuating circumstances.
  • The student must have had an all A or an A/B average in each quarter during the school year prior to enrolling at Trinitas. At the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, a student may be allowed to apply who has not maintained this standard if there are mitigating reasons.
  1. The Augustinian Scholarship is $4,000 a year with a maximum of $24,000 for the to be awarded evenly for up to six years of attendance at Trinitas.
  2. The Shakesperean Scholar will be awarded $3000 a year with a maximum of $18,000 for up to six years of attendance at Trinitas.
  3. The Chestertonian Scholar will be awarded $2000 a year with a maximum of $12,000 for up to six years of attendance at Trinitas.

The student must be enrolled, accepted, and attend Trinitas the year in which the scholarship is awarded. Scholarships will be applied at the beginning of each quarter for as long as the student is in attendance and continues to maintain the minimum requirements for the award.

For more information or to apply call (615) 790-8556 or email