Prayer is one of the most valuable and effective ways you can support Trinitas Classical Academy. We believe strongly that prayer is the best defense, the best offense and the best strategy that God has given us.


You can join us by praying for:

  • Our Administrative Staff – this small group works daily to ensure that our kids are receiving the best curriculum in the safest environment and are equipped with whatever they need to be able to keep their focus, creativity and attention at its highest.
  • Our Teachers – Our teachers are the lifeblood of our school. They spend endless hours studying the Word, creating curriculum, developing games, songs, tests, reading material, etc. in order to help our students learn and grow in the Lord and academically. They need constant protection from sickness, energy for each new day, lots of patience and peace in the classroom and clear communication to each of their students.
  • Our Students – We love our students so much! Each of our kids is a unique gift and it’s Trinitas Classical Academy’s vision to see them reach their full potential and see themselves for who God says they are. Pray over them to be able to focus, have peace and self-control, soak up and retain all the knowledge they are learning and also protection from sickness.
  • Our Board Members – Our Board Members are some of the most dedicated people around. We are proud to have them support and set forth goals and visions for Trinitas Classical Academy’s growth and also are thankful for their efforts on a tactical level. Pray over them for fresh energy and strategy as they set vision for the coming year, a clear sense of direction and protection over their families, as well.