Applying to Trinitas Classical Academy is Simple and Straightforward.

There Are Five Steps to Enroll at Trinitas Classical Academy

  1. Make an inquiry via the Inquire Now form, send an email, or give us a call at (615) 790-8556
  2. Visit the school for a personal tour
  3. Complete an application form
  4. Attend the family meeting with the Head of School
  5. Receive notice of acceptance

Registration is open first to returning students and their siblings and then to the public. A non-refundable application fee must accompany all student applications.

Trinitas Classical Academy partners with Christian families and churches to help provide a Biblical foundation for knowledge and life.  As a covenantal model school, we require that at least one parent be a Christian. Additionally, Trinitas requires enrolling families to sign that they can fully support our Statement of Faith.  This will be discussed in greater detail during the family meeting with the Head of School.

Indexed Tuition

Trinitas Classical Academy uses an Indexed Tuition model to support increased accessibility for a limited number of students and families. We recognize that careers are significant in many ways beyond what the financial reward may be. So to encourage those who have chosen careers whose primary reward may not be financial, we have introduced the Trinitas Classical Academy Indexed Tuition model.

We have significant funds available to index the tuitions of families who want their children to attend Trinitas Classical Academy, so please inquire soon to see what your family’s tuition would be.

Trinitas Classical Academy uses a third-party external provider, FACTS, where you can apply for the Indexed Tuition program:

For information about uniforms, visit here

To set up a FACTS account, visit here

For more information or to apply, call (615) 790-8556 or email