Eric Hale

Eric Hale


A Message From Our Headmaster

Dear prospective students and parents,

We are delighted to welcome you to our website! We hope that it will help to answer any questions you may have about our school and the education we provide, and may even inspire new questions you may not have considered. We also would like to invite you to visit us to see in person what makes us unique among the schools in this area.

With a history going back almost 30 years to the founding of Eagles Nest Academy in 1993 and the beginning of Artios Academy in 2004, two schools who merged in 2010, The Classical Academy of Franklin (TCA, for short) is a classical, Christian school that seeks to train up young men and women to love God and love learning. We are members of the Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI) and the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS).

Our most common and frequently asked question is what we mean by “classical.” Classical refers to our methodology of education. We educate children the way it was done successfully in the past, through the application of the seven liberal arts. The first three of the liberal arts are Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. These three form the foundation for all successful future learning and the love of learning. We use songs, chants and games to teach foundational facts for the younger children. As they grow, students are taught to challenge and think through the application of the facts logically. Finally, they are taught to use their logic to apply the facts to the world at large from a Christian viewpoint. Therefore, a student’s rhetoric skills may be considered the capstone of what we offer academically—this is using wisdom to eloquently and persuasively discuss all topics from a Christian worldview—a Christian application of knowledge.

We also need to define what we mean when we refer to ourselves as a Christian school. This is not something we confine Christian to one or two subjects such as a chapel and a Bible class. Instead, we believe that no subject can be fully understood until it is understood to be emanating from and pointing to Christ. God created this world and everything we see, study and use to communicate about it. No education is complete without this moral component which directs how to use our knowledge well. For Christians, using our knowledge well can only be defined by using it to please God. In order to please Him, we have to know Him. The faculty and staff of TCA work very hard to develop Christian character to help each child achieve his or her God-given potential.

An education with the right worldview being consistently and continuously stressed. An education which prepares them to continue learning in any field to which God leads them. An education that shows them the wonder and grandeur of Almighty God. This is what we believe God has blessed us with at TCA. We accomplish this in all of our classes: mathematics, grammar and writing, penmanship and spelling, phonics and reading, Latin and science, art and music even recess and lunch. We want the children under our care to grow physically, academically and spiritually, all for the glory of God.

If you have any further questions about our school, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We welcome you to come and visit us and our school. We love to talk about all of the great things God is doing here at TCA, and appreciate the opportunity to share our testimony and passion for true Christian education with others.

Manifold blessings,

Eric Hale